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Oneupsmanship: The Importance of Conviction and Opposition

You probably do not remember any of the times you had a one-upping competition when you were a child but you’ve probably done it as young as when you were a toddler. “Oh yea? Well, my dad’s stronger than your dad” is probably an impression you would hear often times. Though it sounds unhealthy (especially as adults), it IS definitely a part of the human as a whole. Whether competition with an opposition, or competition with the self, this creates necessary drives for us to be better as a whole.

THE MOST successful individuals on the planet arose from and thrive on opposition. Unfortunately, if unchecked may also be the cause of their fall. I am lucky enough to have amazing people in my life and shout-out to Mr. Jerry (amongst others) for showing me the importance of doubling down on my convictions and believing in myself in the face of adversity. Find your balance and avoid falling, and read blogalupagus. And hope you learning.

Adversity and Opposition

Adversity is healthy, we must allow adversity. We must decide for ourselves, is this adversity going to strengthen us, slow us down, or stop us in our tracks. The only way we would fail, is if we choose the last. If you chose the first two, you have the ability to overcome those adversities and become stronger than your previous self. Here is the end goal: FINISH THE RACE WIN OR LOSE. In a foot race, the winner wins, the rest that finishes will finish, but the one who doesn’t finish at all takes that walk of shame.

The importance of this adversity is that it forces you into conviction.

Conviction through Opposition

For the longest time, our motivation to be correct is driven by our motivations to be better. Either to be better than others, or ourselves. The importance of this is that we are going to experience hardships in our life. Our inner drive to be correct is one heck of a motivator. Has anybody ever told you that you cannot do anything? And how motivated are you to prove them wrong? These abrasions onto our self-affirmations enter into the core of our drive, and keeps us hungry.

So prove them wrong, prove yourself of being worth the hustle. In the words of Mr. Jerry, “Don’t get mad…compete.” If the world closes its doors on you, don’t shut up, 1up!

Maturity and Grit Development through Opposition

Grit and maturity is developed through adversity. Not just winnable adversity, but crap I almost didn’t get out of that situation on top adversity. Those are the humbling ones that facilitate growth. If you are oneupping everyone in your tier, you’re in the wrong tier. Get on another level, get your tookas kicked, and learn from those experiences TILL YOU WIN.

Stay hungry, stay driven, and be focused on growth from the brutally honest truths. Abraham Twerski said it best. The direct stimulus for a lobster to grow is that it gets uncomfortable and stressed out.

So be a oneupper and be better than yourself yesterday. When life knocks you down, get back up, tell him he hits like wuss and kick him in the teeth.


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