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Check your email regarding last Saturday’s Zoom training. We spoke about the future of the school and it’s sustainability and we would love to to hear back from you.

Mondays are for motivation. Nothing is more motivating than having an “A-HA” moment. We've all had one before, when we were frustrated about a certain technique then one day, BOOM! Something just clicked.

Being able to teach proficiently is definitely a science. And if that is the case, learning would be  it’s opposite end of spectrum equivalent. I heard Michael Gervais say that he measures his successes by the number of times the hairs on his arm stand. I would agree that this is a great unit of measurement. In order to get more of these experiences, you have to train to do so. Think of it as a Bruce Lee-esque “empty your cup” type of practice.

I’ll tell you a few strategies that help me empty the cup so I can attain an A-HA moment. Hopefully it helps you too, hey look it even creates an acronym and it says “SELF”:

1. Slow is fast-If you rush what are you are trying to learn, then you will miss the finer details. Slow doesn’t necessarily mean slow, the context is at a pace that it is digestible. Slow is smooth, smooth is steady, and steady is fast.

2. Ego check-everybody has one, and I have one for sure. Looking back at a younger version of me, I see the times I feigned interest by saying, “yea I know.” In my case, if  I’m given the same advice in a second conversation I tell myself it is definitely worth a look. Special thanks to my circle for keeping me honest on this one.

3. Line of learning-From infancy, we are trained to learn in a pattern and the most effective way for people to learn is through a line of learning. An instructor teaching tool in our toolbox goes like this AUDIO-VISUAL-KINESTHETIC. Basically a set pattern we use for our students: I tell you, I show you, I have you do. Now it’s up to you to find your line and make your adaptations.

4. Fill your cup-to have an empty cup, you must fill your cup? That’s strange. The empty cup alludes to an eagerness to learn, and the full cup alludes to a positive headspace filled with gratitude. If you find yourself in a negative headspace, it is easy to be blinded by emotion. Thinking of the student body, being thankful for the people in it and seeing the juniors grow into young adults fill my cup. Now find what fills yours.

Today’s video is about Mr. Nick and his virtues of honor, courage, and heritage. Attached is an interview highlighting his testimony to the benefits of training.

Do what is hard today, do the impossible tomorrow.

-Mr. Noi

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