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Leadership Philosophy in 90’s Cartoon Analogies

If you don’t have a leadership philosophy, then people will not be influenced by you and in turn, will not follow you. What an ugly opener, right? But Blogalupagus is not always about the good and altruistic. It’s about making a continuous effort to learn and improve whether it takes the positives or the negatives. If you don’t have a viable belief system put in place, there are no tools from which you will draw your strategic approach to improve.

Leadership Belief System: Autobot or Decepticon?

What do you believe in and what is the common goal? These goals and objectives should be only suitable to the mission and should not deviate because of biases you may have. These biases (though hard to see) are irrelevant to your leadership. A difference of opinion is ok, but don’t let that be what determines your level of respect for this individual. Is you ethos dedicated to being of good moral character? Then that is what will make you shine and what will be your downfall if you are not consistent. SO BE CONSISTENT AND BE DISCIPLINED. I heard this from Jocko Willink, “ Discipline will take you where motivation cannot.” If you speak like Optimus Prime and act like Megatron, you’re more likely to have a Starscream than a Bumblebee.

Leadership is not a title, it is a role. It matters whether you are all in and dialed in on the people you influence. Leadership seems prestigious, it is full of failures, obstacles, hard truths and hard decisions. Leadership is a thankless but fulfilling job and you will be the one person that speaks encouragement and leaks positivity at the front but makes determination of investment or sacrifice in the back.

Investment or Sacrifice: Don’t Half Shell Leadership, Whole Shell Leadership

Where there is an investment there is a sacrifice as a leader. You may not know it, but as a leader when you make decisions, you might not be making everyone content or happy. Stick with your gut instinct, stay authentic, and make your decisions according to what is best for your team. When the time comes, your team will support you knowing you had the best interests in mind. People need to know that you have their back, and that the community has his or her back. Alongside this, they also need to know that you have the honesty to say, “You need to step it up” or “You are not ready.” Mistakes and failures are ok they are indicative that you are human and that you will become wiser in the process. What is not ok is when you are ambivalent and contradictory to the team and the mission. Leonardo doesn’t sugarcoat inadequacies he is transparent to Raph, Mikey and Donatello. In exchange, they have his back all the way.

A World of Winners: The Power is (not) Yours

There are leaders that take away credit and pass the blame, are fraudulent, and all about imagery at the expense of stepping on others. This person is a cheat and his loyalty lies on opportunity and not on his people. It is important to have a band of brothers and sisters that keep you honest and call you out on your shortcomings before you. Leaders are modest in winning. You will hear them say, “It’s the team that is responsible for this success” or “It’s the mission that draws everyone into a common goal.” Captain Planet saves the day when no one can solve the problem but he doesn’t take credit…he gives the power back to the people.

In the near future, I shall blog about a leadership philosophy I have been working on involving Content, Challenge, Protections and Trust parameters. Lead with intent, lead with confidence, and lead with servitude in mind.


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