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Three Ways you can Improve Your Quality of Training (And Improve your partner’s in the process).

Blogalupagus post 5! That deserves a high five! Consistency is key, always love the process of improvement AND SEEK IT regardless of how painful the truth is! Realizing hard truths about ourselves reveals our weaknesses which CAN be our greatest strength. This gives us the ability to be malleable to progressive change. But we’re here to make ourselves (and our partners) better right? So here it goes.



Did you skip that? Did you catch there was no “N?” What about “V?”

The same can be said about learning. If you can’t do it perfectly in slow, you DEFINITELY can’t do it fast. What if (in the previous example) N in this learning process is a crucial point of safety and you tripped and you injured yourself? Then, you didn’t learn your lesson and you tripped on V as well. Did you learn your lesson or did you create holes in your training? BE MINDFUL!


Won’t shut up guy, thinks he knows everything guy, tries to teach you something while the instructor is teaching guy.

Know anyone like this at your gym? If you don’t, it might be you. This is a hard truth because people do not do this out of malice. Here’s some advice: allow your partner to make these mistakes as long as it does not compromise safety. This allows your instructor to catch mistakes your partner is making and letting yourself see mistakes trains you to have a keen eye. If you do feel the need to address your partner, be tactful and concise.


What lesson/s do you learn when you are paired with a partner less capable (slower, smaller, shorter, less flexible, etc.) than you?

If your answer is “nothing,” then you are not engaging enough of your accessory work in martial arts training. The answers are endless from physical, to technical to virtuous aspects of training. Love is a verb. Kids say love from emotion, but adults prove this love by unconditional thankless acts. Just like the word love is a verb, you cannot say you are humble without acts of humility (people who call themselves humble does not mean they are humble, you are given that title by the humans who observe you). Be known for your work ethic and DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE!

There you have it folks. Hope you guys have enjoyed all of my posts and if you guys have any topics you'd like me to speak on or discuss feel free to write them down in the comments section. Let's make our journey worth it one learning experience at a time!

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