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Not Allowed to Fail: Obstacles, Struggles, and Frustrations

You will get there eventually if you work hard on your craft and keep your focus on the task at hand. Think of the big opposition in front of us as an elephant. The only way to eat it is (you guessed it) bite at a time. But when things get painfully hard, before you quit, you have to ask yourself, “Is it an obstacle, a struggle, or frustration?”

You’re supposed to renew your registration and smog your car, but you have a check engine light on. Until you get this fixed you cannot solve this issue. This is an obstacle.

You need to pay for the diagnostic, that determines the issue, then pay for the repair, then re-smog the vehicle to pass then pay for the registration but you only have money for half. This is a struggle.

You need the money for the repairs so you ask your work for extra shifts but there is none available and your positivity is taking a plunge. This is a frustration.

Now if you ignore all the build-up of these issues whether in its situational or its emotional depth, then all you have are obstacles. And guess what…these are all meant to be overcome. Obstacles are factors in life that we have no control over. But how we perceive and feel when these events occur is something we have control over.

Can you choose to feel resilient instead of defeated? Frustrations cloud your judgment and you may not find your solution if you hide under the pillow because you are being a Debbie downer playing the woe-is-me card on yourself. Shift your thinking: instead of “why me” say “TRY ME.” Shift the negatives into motivations instead letting this emotion pool.

Can you improve your positioning instead of staying on the X mark on the floor? Struggles remain struggles because of inability to adapt. When the obstacle comes, you fix it but you don’t plan on the negatives coming back. You are putting a Band-Aid on to hold a shelf together and this is why the negatives get worse. Kill it in life: grind hard, then grind harder. Anticipate problems will occur as a form preparation and not as a way to feed paranoia.

Can you improve your sense of perception? Is it a frustration, struggle, or an obstacle? Sometimes, we think because of the associated frustrations that our obstacles feel like we are looking up a 10 foot wall while the doorway is to our right, an arm’s length away, and unlocked. Remember, obstacles are meant to be overcome. Fuel the positives: Stay optimistic and focused. Take on challenges that improve your skill set and take your abilities to the next level by doing what is hard instead of staying comfortable with what you are good at.

The way I see it, this is the one true pathway of acquiring the virtue of perseverance and the quality of grit in any individual. You must endure hardship and triumph over obstacles both physically and mentally to become the victor of your life’s story.

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