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First off, thank you to everyone who attended our seminar it was awesome to get to meet everyone! Special thank you to our instructors and student body that were in attendance you guys truly make this quarterly event special for its attendees. Your support is truly appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed! Big, big, big thank you to our attendees from Santa Barbara very grateful and honored to have your team carve out time and come from afar. Truly awesomely honored and thankful for the turnout and support.

Here is a recap of things we talked about: Self permission: the ability to allow yourself to UNAPOLOGETICALLY say no or defend yourself (or inflict action of violence) regardless of opinion or hurting another person’s feelings

Avoiding being a target requires mindful PRACTICE:

Vigilance, not hypervigilance-hypervigilance is unnecessary not to mention impossible. We live in a world full of distractions but setting a habit through practice makes us more prepared. Scanning your surroundings before engaging in tasks through a transitional space is like learning how to cross the street. Make it a mindful practice enough that it becomes a habit.

Don’t be timid, be assertive- you might think you’re assertive, but here’s an ego check. If you’ve gone to a social function because your friends wanted you to go and you didn’t but you did any way because they pressured you to going, you didn’t practice being assertive. I get it, you were being a good friend but have you thought about making your friends keep you company at your home instead of going to bars meeting scuzzy people? When you wanna stay home next time, practice sticking to your guns. It gets easier to say no the older and wiser you get. Good peer pressure is good, but peer pressure to go to stupid places where stupid things happen is a different story.

Don’t be distracted in transitional spaces-getting gas in a dark area? Insta can wait. Going to the ATM? Scan your surroundings before doing so. The text can wait, this is easier said than done but like I said. P R A C T I C E becomes good habits. Easy strategies during social interaction:

-Read your environment: Where is the interaction leading you? A quiet place versus a secluded area are two totally different things.

-Read your interaction: What is the person saying? Is he being vague in verbal responses? Outside of that, check his body language. You know the “look-left-look-right” look when people are about to tell a secret? Something is shady better get to knowin‘.

-Read your body: Are your senses tingling? Easy answer is to get out of this situation, but if you haven’t put in practice to do this you are putting yourself in a position to freeze when action is required. KNOW YOUR DEAL BREAKERS

-Decide and act: The longer you wait the harder to act. Don’t hesitate, speak confidently and act decisively.

We’ve attached a link to a video entitled, “Melissa on Progression.” Meet Melissa, a student of GC Krav Maga and one hell of an advocate in empowering women through getting on the mat. 2018 Melissa and 2020 Melissa are two totally different human beings we are VERY LUCKY to have seen this growth in her and be a part of her life even. Thank you ma’am for taking this leap of faith with us and for being courageous and vulnerable at the same time that you allowed us to interview you in this testimonial. Enjoy the video! Do what is hard today, do the impossible tomorrow.

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