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testing march 2020 cycle

March 2020 cycle is here. Have you done everything in your power and abilities to prepare for your test? Hopefully we can provide you with some insight through this blog post. I’m going to gear this post towards a level 1 to 2 test because this sets a framework for the next ones after. TRAINING: training to the best of your abilities to learn on the mat is very important. Execution through fatigue is even more important this is the true definition of whether you are a trained individual or just a student who knows “moves.” HYDRATION: A level one going to level two test is already very demanding on the body as it is also very demanding on your hydration. Your body will sweat more than you usually do and make you susceptible to fluid imbalance in the body. Make sure you’re staying hydrated and prepared going into and especially on test day. Don’t come to test day without water bring a surplus for yourself (i.e. one gallon jug).

NUTRITION: On top of hydration, nutrition is essential. Skip the fast food, eat your veggies, have healthy carbs and lean protein. I can’t speak on nutrition fully, I am not a certified professional but if you try hard enough, competent information is attainable and nearby. On the day of the test, don’t skip breakfast but have something small and easily digestible in your stomach (i.e. half a banana).

RECOVERY: just as much as training is important, so his recovery make the time to stretch during post workouts, On rest days take the time to do light activity that is geared towards improving your mobility, flexibility, and other training functions. On test day, do not just plop onto a couch when you are done. Make sure you have a form of light activity like taking a walk around the block to help flush out lactic acid from your system. SLEEP: sleep is very important for cognitive brain function apart from recovery, if you do not pay attention to this it will be what is detrimental to sound judgment on the day of your test. Pay attention to your body, and take the necessary steps. We have attached into this post a link/video of the yellow belt toolbox. This is an upgraded version that includes competencies, notes, and what the instructors will be looking for on the day of your test. This is a great reference to use for practice on rest days. Good luck on your test do what is hard today, do the impossible tomorrow.

-November Delta

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