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A year ago, before IGTV was part of the app, Instagram had only had  the ability to post video content at one minute at the most.  I am only speaking from assumptions, but if I would’ve guessed correctly the reason for this has everything to do with the human attention span in the age of disruption.

You probably see yourself doing this already: when you see a video, it starts to play, if it doesn’t catch your interest within 15 seconds then easily, you are able to move onto the next.

The videos with the most views, usually have specific characteristics. Simple, to the point, sends the message effectively…does it remind you of something? Your guess is probably just like mine it sounds like Krav Maga philosophy.

But the caveat of fast is exactly what it is, fast. Fast to absorb, fast to forget. How do you combat against degradation of training?

By consistent training of course.

The short form of longform is not just doing longform but it’s doing longform mindfully and a lot.

Here’s your other caveat: between two equally trained individuals, the person who excels, is the person who doesn’t stop. In the spirit of oneupsmanship, be ahead of your training partners. TRAIN.

So my message is this, social distancing and being unable to be on the mat is merely a short term distraction. Train, find a way to train, make your modifications to training, and stay disciplined. Unable to be in a group of 10 or more does not mean unable to train.

Take a page from Mr. Drew‘s book/video and train even though he had to watch baby Kaiyō. Try with the best of your abilities like he did in this video. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES according to the best dad ever found in this video.

Do what is hard today, do the impossible tomorrow

-Mr. Noi

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