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Where Gross Motor Meets Fine Motor Skill

Thanks everyone for tuning in to all our workouts, we are all very happy to see and hear that these efforts bear fruit. Bigger thanks to you all for coming together as a community and keeping up with your training partners, checking in with them and with us as well. We all really see what colors trials reveal, and we are even more grateful to see that the student body's true colors are that of the most altruistic kind. Love you all and miss you all AND CAN'T WAIT TO GET BACK TO WORK and show you how much I appreciate every single one of you! ONWARD!

As you may notice, one of the the last occupations working out there are our people in uniform. Law enforcement, fire, hospital professionals, and EMT's are working longer hours and are locked in to put theirs and their families' safety on the line to protect people. Our military, reserves, paramilitary and other paraprofessionals are on standby if not already mobilized. We are grateful for everyone who are being selfless at a time like this, thank you.

This workout is dedicated to them. Follow along, train with GC, and stay at the ready. Here is how:

GOAL: observe degradation of fine motor skill during high adrenaline situations and force technical movements within them.

RECOMMENDATION: watch this video on a monitor, use your phone to record yourself, and watch the decline within rounds and see where you can make improvements. Try and make it as perfect as the first round.


Part 1: pick home gym equipment or household item substitute and pick a compound exercise (2 part movement). NOTE: Compound movement without equipment means a 2-part exercise (ie, squat + pushup, pushup + mountain climber, squat + jump, leap + sprawl, *now make up your own*)

Part 2: Pick 2 fine motor skill movements (striking technique/self defense/SIRT pistol [if you have]/write your name) and stick with those two for the whole duration of exercise.

EXECUTION: 16 rounds, 1 minute each. Designate a workload demanding enough in repetitions that you can handle at max effort in 25 seconds, use the rest of the round to do THE SAME (2) EXACT fine motor skill movements.

Those are the rules, now do the workout with me.

Do what is hard today, do the impossible tomorrow.

-Mr. Noi

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