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RIGHT NOW, if you ask me what the backbone is I would say they are the first responders (law enforcement, fire, EMT, military, paramilitary), medical personnel (doctors, nurses and paraprofessionals) and the scientists involved round the clock trying to eradicate this virus and trying their best in such a disadvantaged situation.

The essential businesses allowed open that provide a service to people who are in dire need, the innovators who think about people first and not their own self-interests, the teachers who are forced to adapt and go virtual on such short notice you are definitely the backbone of the system.

The motivators setting the example and not defiantly breaking rules because it doesn’t fit their interests, all these I mentioned above if you are reading this you are the backbone of society.

I feel grateful and lucky that I’ve been putting away for upgrades at GC it became a saving grace as a repurposed rainy day fund especially since we are freezing accounts till we reopen our doors.

VERY GRATEFUL to the handful of people who reached out in private messaging and insisted we do not freeze their accounts in support of the school I am very fortunate that you guys are so supportive and generous at a time like this. YOU ARE THE BACKBONE OF GC Krav Maga. Thank you.

I didn’t get to upload a video of last testing cycle highlights so I uploaded them hope you guys like it. There are three workouts (Mr. Noi Real time, Mr. Drew Real time, and 44 Floor Marker in 9 min) please let me know if you did them and class credit if you send me a clip!

Have and awesome and insightful weekend and be good to one another.

Do what is hard today, do the impossible tomorrow.

-Mr. Noi

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Ken Gustin
Ken Gustin
21 de mar. de 2020


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