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The four rules of gun and why it is important in your training

Hello GC Krav Maga family and hope you are enjoying our added class. I hope everyone is taking advantage of all of our YouTube training videos, Zoom classes, Instagram live and school website Wix resources. We are working really hard to produce free content to all of our community members and get everyone to feel as close to our normal lives as possible till stay at home orders have been lifted.

In my opinion, The Four Firearm Safety Rules is literally the first thing anyone should know before they handle or own a firearm. Being a Corpsman for Marines has taught me the importance of this (by me messing up and almost being busted down a couple ranks who would’ve known I was a military turd) and I feel like it is even more valuable now in the firearm culture that we have in the United States.

Case in point, if you’re a gun guy around other gun guys, and a dude pulls up at the range next to you with his girl and he flags (unintentionally points the barrel) his girl AND you guys, he’s bound to get judged maybe talked to about firearm safety. It’s just THAT important: if you  follow the rules 100% of the time you will have prevented negligent discharge by 100%.

Here’s the 4 Safety Rules and how it applies to your training: TREAT-NEVER-KEEP-KNOW

1. TREAT EVERY WEAPON AS IF LOADED-in your Krav Maga gun training or threats, assume it’ll go boom if you startle your assailant or even touch the gun for redirection.

2. NEVER POINT THE GUN AT ANYTHING YOU DON’T INTEND TO SHOOT-when you redirect the gun, keep it off your body forever. There is a tendency for the barrel to point back at you if not careful in the process of your takeaway.

3. KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER TILL YOU ARE READY TO FIRE-once you have taken the gun away, you have to manipulate the gun to make it ready or you have to use the gun in such a way that it doesn’t go off with it pointed at your face. You decrease the chances of this discharge by keeping your fingers off the trigger while manipulating the weapon.

4. KNOW YOUR TARGET AND WHAT LIES BEYOND IT-you have to make considerations when you redirect because you may have moved it off your body, but  you might’ve moved it in the direction of your loved ones be mindful of that. Also Krav practitioners tend to back up after the disarm, so if you have a loved one, move them with you or else they might end up in the line of fire.

Attached are two videos, the first one a fun one on firearm safety and the second one, Done in 4 Gun for correlation.

Do what is hard today, do the impossible tomorrow

-Mr. Noi

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