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Going crazy inside the house yet? Don't feel so bad you haven't ended up in the news, in an altercation or have gone to lengths of exposing yourself to danger so that's definitely a plus. However, I have to say I have been finding myself making disciplinary mistakes of my own. I'l tell you why this is unhealthy is because we are GENETICALLY hardwired to find an easier way out.

Now, while I'm catching myself making these mistakes, I suppose I would share with you in case you are also on the same boat and would like to get back on the road with me to being disciplined and improving our collective mental health. Here are 5 deliberate habits I am attempting to do to alleviate the negative effects of my quarantine experience (and so should you):

1. NEWS DISCIPLINE: In case you haven't noticed the news is focused on getting you emotionally roused because messages travel faster when it is attached to an emotion. You can't avoid it either, you HAVE TO watch because you need to stay updated on current events. Focus on information details, not the emotional raucous. Even better, assess your status are you emotionally roused while watching? Maybe it's time to take a break. As for me, I would limit television exposure to the news to less than half an hour and any questions I may have (like when can I reopen the doors of my school) I'll go straight to the source.

2. PHONE DISCIPLINE: I AM TOTALLY GUILTY! This is totally tied into the first. When you're on social media, the news stream is so easily accessible. They even make sure it crosses paths with you. Put it down and do some push-ups or something. Set a goal for yourself to be off the phone in half the time of your usual use. Can't do half? Here's a scaled and easier approach: when you are done with your work from home day, put the phone in the other room. Make it inaccessible.

3. NUTRITION DISCIPLINE: Cookie jar, candy bowl, snack time. Training output isn't my obstacle I'm actually training pretty regularly, it's the access to being able to imbibe. My Achilles' Heel is dinner time dessert. Bowl of ice cream with a little cereal on top. Cold turkey on the sugar IS SO hard for me but here is my plan of attack; two-thirds portion per serving. Don't worry my wife will make sure of this when she found out I wrote this in text.

4. SLEEP DISCIPLINE: OIF veterans can sleep anytime and anywhere except for the right time of night. After a decade of healing and dusting off those cobwebs, I believe the insomnia is no longer tied to those struggles, but is tied in to my lack of phone discipline and the stressors put forward by the circumstances. Sleep deprivation is so much more correlated to our mental health than we think. My plan of attack is to get off my phone an hour before sleep.

5. REGIMENTED ACTIVITY: I heard on a Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron Podcast he had referenced that, "Take (massive) action...action is not only the answer to anxiety but it creates action." If that teaches me one thing it's that action (movement, exercise, or acting on a decision) is the answer to anxiety based hesitation and freezing (which makes this self-defense relatable, yes?). What's even better, is that by regimenting when you work out and being decisive about it brings you closer to your pre-quarantine good habits and therefore will bring you closer to the feeling of normalcy.

Let's get back on the road, be disciplined and stay strong.

Special thank you to those who turned in their video challenges! I really appreciate the participation seeing everyone makes my day and fill my heart to know we are all still tightly wound as a strong community. Turn in as many as you like and I would love to see where the creativity of this goes. Attached are a few new entries, turn yours in! If you wanna coordinate with me to do something unique and cool, let me know!

Do what is hard today, do the impossible tomorrow.

-Mr. Noi

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