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Hope you guys enjoyed the content we have been putting out. Hope you also caught wind on what we have been posting with regards to what is happening with the school, and what we have decided to the billing cycle. I feel like this is what is right therefore it is my duty to take lead before it is even a question. Leadership requires we set the greatest examples and the people in our community has set the bar pretty high.

Today’s title, “train the body, train the mind “ is in reference to our two attachments.

One video is a real time work out with Mr. Drew and the other video is a comprehensive lecture on gun disarms. Feel free to pick which one you will do first it’s like our version of “pick your own adventure” books. Enjoy.

Feel free to tell us what you think about our content, also feel free to critique and add your two cents we would love to find opportunities to be better one critique at a time.

Gentle reminder, if you do any of the workouts, or do any training using the references on our online channel ( yellow belt toolbox, orange belt toolbox, etc.) and record yourself we will credit this as class attendance.

As always,

Do what is hard today, do the impossible tomorrow

-Mr. Noi

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