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The vaccination to cabin fever

Day 645 of quarantine, we’re hoping you still remember what Mr. Q and Mr. Pat looks like. Long, lean frame, short hair, with Tom Cruise‘s million dollar smile… Wait a minute, I think I just combined the two. Anyway, we'll get them on board and get them to show their beautiful smile to you guys at some point during all this COVID madness the light at the end of the tunnel is within view we have to stay disciplined!

Overcoming cabin fever associated with isolation can be a hard one. Here are some strategies we found to be useful between the instructors and myself:

1. Buddy check-before quarantine, I would spend my Mondays making my morning calls with people that fill me with optimism and positivity. Make the conversation about resilience ask them what they’re doing to overcome and focus less on the suckiness. Go find your partners and give them a ring. Even better, make it a routine.

2. Grease the groove-remember the first video when I mentioned Pavel and his outlook on creating better movement? Make it a challenge in your home. If let’s say you have a hard time doing push-ups (or side kicks, this movement whatever it is; is yours to own), place a marker in the hallway and every time you have to pass this marker do 10. Another way is to set an alarm every waking hour. Every time it rings, do 10 reps of the movement you’d like to be better in.

3. Workout every day-twice a day if you can. Get your partner at home involved even, do what is hard.

4. Work out with your training partner-since we all now have access to Zoom, we don’t have an excuse. FaceTime, Facebook messenger, Instagram messenger, all have the means to be on video conference. Take turns and set a work out it doesn’t have to be as complicated as the one that Mr. Drew and miss Melissa made but take the time to keep your camaraderie strong while being physically distant.

Attached are two videos. The first one explaining what work out Mr. Drew and miss Melissa did. Feel free to jump along and join in onto the second one they do this live.

But like I said, doesn’t have to be elaborate. Get involved, get your partner on board, and keep communication alive. Miss ya'll.

Do what is hard today, do the impossible tomorrow.

-Mr. Noi

A. Workout guideline:

B. Real Time Workout

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