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Motivated Monday checking in!

Mr. Noi here, I wanted to check in with everyone hope everybody’s doing well. Thank you to everyone for all your submissions last week, and thank you all for keeping in touch we are all really blessed to have the people we have in our community and it motivates your instructors to be selfless and even be more giving. Special thanks to Mr. K for the awesome Zoom Saturday!

I’m reaching out to you guys today on this blog to let you guys know that you guys keep me motivated. You keep me and the instructors here motivated. As you already know, it takes a village.

We heard you, and we are listening! We are looking to expand our zoom meetings to more than just once a week. So tomorrow, at 6 PM jump on to your zoom link from your email and meet with us for a student/instructor team meeting. Topic of discussion will be best time to meet, frequency of meetings per week, and other things that will help us grow as a community.

I would like to bring back acknowledging our birthday peoples' but since we don't can't do it traditionally, we can reach out to them via shout outs (and you guys can send them a special greeting via personal message as well. Here are last week's birthdays I am omitting the actual day for their privacy:

Bear Penaranda

Kain Velasco

Mario Gutierrez

Evan Oyadomari

Eric Alcala

Here is this week's as well give them a shout!

Alex Banderas

Bradley Cheng

Max Hale

Elliot Walton

Attached is a video recap for the week. The community that we have all built is strong and we must protect it. And we protect it by protecting each other and checking up on each other. I challenge you to reach out to another training partner that you haven't heard from in awhile. We miss you all and we cannot wait to get back on the mat.

Do what is hard today, do the impossible tomorrow

-Mr. Noi

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