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Hello GC Krav Maga family and welcome to a series we are embarking on called, "Line of Learning." Play it on your screen and train and learn as you go.

The objective of line of learning is to create a pathway for students to acquire transferable movements that lead to transferable skills. 

Think of our fight stance, more squared than it is bladed. A student who tends to blade when they spar might have a harder understanding going into other movements that require a squared stance. 

Another objective is correlation. In this video, you will hear me talk about connecting your elbow with your knee as you sit up.  I correlate this with a stand up defensive posture that we call shin defense. The shape of this once connected looks like the curvature of a parenthesis. Apart from the first two you might also see this correlation of (let’s say) preventing a guard pass into side control or transitioning from side control into guard if you were on your back. 

Between Done in Four, Line of Learning, Train with GC and other videos, we hope to enrich the learning experience of the students in the GC Krav Maga community. Like Mr. Drew and I said if you guys have any recommendations and suggestions let us know how we may be of service. Stay disciplined, keep training. We will get through all this!

Do what is hard today, do the impossible tomorrow

-Mr. Noi 

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