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The gun defense acronym RCAT (REDIRECT-CONTROL-ATTACK-TAKEAWAY) solely used as tradition and not as a principle will get you killed in the wrong context.

The principles that matter with gun isn’t a chronological guideline, it is a guideline of principles.

If you take an NCLEX exam for nursing or POST test for peace officer standards, “The first thing” and “The most important” thing you do in a scenario are TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT things when the question is presented.

In all honesty, experienced or inexperienced, the right way to defend against a gun threat is the kind that gets you home safe.

The first thing for sure: REDIRECTION

Guaranteed, if you do not get the barrel off of your body you will have one more hole than the average person without piercings. When you get this gun off of your body, make sure to do it with urgency, with intent, and mindfully know that this might go off inside your hand. Hold strong, and if you get a slide bite, double down and hold stronger.

Whether it is attack then control, or control then attack, this is determined by the gunman‘s reaction. Action versus reaction will dictate what you need to do next. Hell, who knows, maybe a redirection then straight to take away at some point but like I said… The kind that gets you home safe.

When defending against a gun, the BEST PLACE TO POINT A GUN: is at the attacker. We say this in class all the time, not because it sounds cool but it is THE SAFEST PLACE to point if (let’s say) your family is around or there are others present. Know (or learn) the four rules of firearm safety and apply it in your Krav Maga training.

Note that in this video, compliance is also a very appropriate response so long as it gets you home safe. Cancel your credit cards and phone in your new ID, it’s getting back to your family that is important.

Do what is hard today, do the impossible tomorrow.

-Mr. Noi

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2 comentarios

Mr. Noi (No-EE)
Mr. Noi (No-EE)
09 abr 2020

Thank you!

Me gusta

Ken Gustin
Ken Gustin
09 abr 2020

Well put sir!

Me gusta
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