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Had a conversation with a good friend and training

partner recently with regards to our closure. A part of our conversation resonated with me and has been the deciding factor to most of my decisions these last few days.

While the world scrambles to hoard in the name of their self-interests, some people are asking themselves, “what does it take to be truly selfless?” and I am fortunate enough to see that I’m surrounded by such great individuals. As you can tell, I launched a video of my workout AND I HATE recordings of myself but it’s a necessary evil for my growth to accept this is more a reason I need this in my toolbox. Mr. Drew stepped up and made his own as well (we’ll launch tomorrow get your workout in this time with someone better looking). The instructor cadre caught wind of this and they are making their own training videos to share, standby for those as well. Mr. K reached out to some students and people in his circle that would be at risk for getting sick and volunteered his services to do their groceries this is what selfless looks like. The students and parents of juniors in our program reaching out to us in this time to show us their support it is very inspiring and tells me that I have to be better and do more for them.

Because you have read this far, I wanted to disclose that we (the CFO aka Mrs. B and I) have decided to freeze billing accounts if this closure goes beyond the 31st and into April.

We know that this is a difficult time for everyone and we would like to do our part to help alleviate some of the hardship everyone is facing.

Do what is hard today, do the impossible tomorrow.

-Mr Noi

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