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"I had such a fantastic experience."

"Especially fun was the sparring I got to do at the end with some gloves and got to spar with a more experienced fighter."

"There is definitely a great community here at Gateway Cities Krav Maga."

"Mr. Noi is just amazing.  His energy and positivity, the way he challenges you, and his passion for this."


"Mr. Noi is on the best instructors I've ever trained under.  I have done martial arts on and off for the last 20 years at 6 different gyms, and rarely do you meet someone with the knowledge, passion, and commitment that he has.  The reason I chose this gym was not only because of Mr. Noi, but because every instructor at this school possesses these traits.  It operates like a family with all members dedicated to helping each other learn and grow.

This isn't they type of place where you show up, give them your money, and you get handed a black belt.  This is the type of class where you walk away exhausted and confident that when it hits the fan, you'll know what to do.  You will learn real skills here.  I can't recommend this place enough."


Noi is one of the best instructors I have had & definitely a favorite of my two kids (8 &11).  We have trained with him for the past 3 years and he has been instrumental in helping me personally become a better grappler (something I was always apprehensive of).  His patient steady teaching style and ability to break something down into easily digestible parts is his strength & he quickly makes you feel comfortable with his welcoming smile and upbeat personality.  

I would highly recommend GC Krav for women, men, & children.  He loves to teach and it shows.  GC Krav is a family place, everyone is welcome.

Let Noi help unlock your inner warrior!


"GCKM is very effective in teaching practical, real world self-defense techniques and simplifying concepts while at the same time fostering family values in the studio. The staff is welcoming and proficient in their craft. Over the years, I've made friends with them as well as other students. Diverse group of students and staff from all walks of life (LE, military, civilians etc) and varying age groups (kids to seniors). In fact my whole family trains. Kids and spouse. It's fun, affordable, I get great exercise, learn something new every class and it's a part of my weekly routine that I look forward to. Also an excellent stress reliever! Bottom line, the place has exceeded my expectations for delivering a quality product and I would recommend it to anyone with a good attitude, open mind and willingness to learn."

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